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Oh, those Frequently Asked Questions

Hooray Socks are for all and unisex by design. Please look on the product pages for specific sizes available for that style. In general, our sizes are: 

Large size: Men’s – Shoe Size 8-12 | Sock Size 10-13
Small size: Women’s – Shoe Size 4-10 | Sock Size 9-11

Of course, we care! And we're sure you do too so we recommend you machine wash your Hooray Socks in COLD water, on delicate cycle with like colors. It's best to turn your socks inside out and avoid bleaching or ironing (that'll be bad). Tumble dry on a low heat if you must — or better yet — let them DRY FLAT.

Our socks are manufactured in China and the United States of America. Check the product pages for more details.

Although we check each pair of socks we ship, sometimes manufacturing defects do occur and sneak past us. If your product has loose or mis-stitched threads, or if your socks have developed holes after only a few wears, please email us at Please provide a photo of the defective product, and we'll be happy to send out a replacement.

How to wear
This is a silly question, but one we get more than you'd think, so... once again... socks go on your feet. Inside your shoes, not on the outside — that'll just stretch 'em out.

Custom designs
This is something we're looking into! If you've got an idea or an event you'd like some Hooray socks for, shoot us a note over there on our Contact Us page. We'll get back to you straight away.

We're happily planted in mostly sunny San Francisco, California. Mosey on over to our Contact Us page for ways of hitting us up.

Returns & Exchanges
We've got a special page all setup just for this subject! Here's a link to whisk you there now: Returns & Exchanges 

We've got another special page setup for Shipping. Well, it's not really another page... we tucked it into the same page as Returns & Exchanges. Check it out: Shipping

Lost socks
Have you checked the dryer carefully? That's generally where we find ours. Although sometimes they get under the bed — check there as well. If you still haven't located them, may we suggest this article on Quora:

Interested in carrying Hooray Socks in your shop?
That'd be lovely! Please complete the short form on our Wholesale Application page and we'll get in touch with you about carrying your very own supply of Hooray Socks.

What typeface are you using on your site?
It's Filson — designed in 2014 by French type designer Olivier Gourvat. We love it!

What if something went wrong with my order?
Sorry about that! We really do try our best to make sure you love your Hooray Socks. If something went wrong with your order, please contact us right away at

How'd you come up with your name?
It's good, right?! Hooray just makes you feel good when you say it. Try it with us —




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