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The backstory

Since we’re a brand new company and almost no one out there in internet land knows who we are, I thought I’d take a quick moment to tell you a little bit about us and how Hooray Sock Co.™ came into being. Join me, won’t you — on this quixotic tale from yesteryear….

Hooray Sock Company co-founders — Hongsun Yoon & Tim Carpenter, 2018
Hooray Sock Company co-founders — Hongsun Yoon & Tim Carpenter, 2018

Well, it really wasn’t all that quixotic (I just love that word — quixotic) nor was it all that long ago. During the summer of 2017, my wife and I were talking about what we might do together that could utilize our experience as designers and take advantage of all the tools available on the internet. We live in San Francisco and have both been involved with tech companies… not at a high level or anything, but we’ve both been around long enough to see how the tools to create a business have become so much more accessible in recent years. You’ve got your LegalZoom and Namecheap and Shopify and MailChimp… on and on and on. Retail is changing as well and we knew we wanted to be part of what was happening if we could.

Years ago, I started a small design agency so I knew a bit about setting up and running a company. This time around though, we wanted to create a product, not a service focused business. We didn’t want to be limited to our own time constraints or to a particular area. We wanted to have the potential to be a global brand and to be able to travel together. These are pretty common ambitions, I know, but we truly felt we could do it if we just started. 

The next question was what product might we design? We wanted to create something that brought a smile to peoples faces and made them feel good about themselves. We also wanted to create something that nearly everyone needs and uses. I had the “ah-ha!” moment one morning while taking a shower — socks!

Socks may seem like a little thing, but the right pair can certainly brighten your day!

I’ve been wearing colorful, fun socks for years and have always enjoyed donning something that pops! As a fairly non-flashy-dresser, it’s nice to have something on that can express my creative side. And according to my non-scientific research, nearly everyone in the world wears socks—so there’s that!

Next, we wanted a name that expressed the exuberance of wearing something eye-catching and fun. We created lists and lists and lists, checking for available domain names and happily arrived at Hooray— an exclamation used to express joy or approval. To us, it just sounded like the perfect name and with that we were off to the races.

In April 2018, after many months of learning the ropes and reviewing loads of samples, we launched our new site ( with our first collection of socks. We know we have a lot to learn but we’re guided by our original aspiration to bring a little exuberance to people’s lives—with socks. 

See? Not all that quixotic, was it?

. . .

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